Testimony of Iris Dossett, mission trip Bonaire January 2011

Testimony of Iris Dossett, mission trip Bonaire January 2011

As most of you probably know, the man of God, Vernon Davis, and a team went on a mission trip to Bonaire and Curaçao on the Netherlands Antilles from 23 January until 17 February 2011.

I am grateful to God that I had the privilege of being part of the team. It was a special time for me, even more because this was my first mission trip and I went back to my native island. I went all blank, in the sense that I went with a completely open heart for God to do anything He wanted to do through, with and for us. One thing I knew for sure was that God’s Word was going to be revealed and God’s people would be reached. Here in Holland and during the whole trip I had to keep thinking about that when I put my hands to the plough and kept looking back I would not be fit for God’s Kingdom. Even though I was conscience of the fact that I had left my family behind and that I was missing them, I couldn’t allow myself to be busy with these thoughts in my mind. One thing I knew was that the work of God had to be done and that God is mighty indeed.

The same day when we arrived on Bonaire we had to go to the church where pastor Vernon was going to minister the Word for a whole week. Every day the Lord gave another message, in which He challenged His people to become more serious with Him and to repent, start living in holiness and make God Number One in their lives. It was special to see the pastor of the church often being touched by the Holy Spirit and to see how he shared this with the congregation. In the last meeting he even called the church members to really start practicing the Word they heard during the whole week. So be doers of the Word, not only hearers. He also used that opportunity to invite pastor Davis to come back again, at least within a year. He also said that pastor Vernon should come back to see what changes the Lord had brought in his church. One of the sisters testified at the end of the week about her encounter with the Lord this week, that made her decide to make a radical choice for God.

On 1 February 2011 the man of God ministered the Word to the workers of a certain church. The people all responded to the Word and were determined to practice the Word of God. The next day, early in the morning, we traveled to Curaçao. Here also, the man of God had to minister the Word that same day. Literally and figuratively he brought the Word as a two-edged sword. Again it was clear that the people all responded. What I heard being said after the meetings mostly was: ‘For a long time we didn’t hear the Word preached so clearly and directly like this’, or ‘We need this Word’, and they told pastor Vernon, ‘You’ve got to come back to Curaçao, we need you here.’

Some of the miracles that we witnessed: After prayer a young lady who was hard of hearing experienced how she could hear properly again. The next day she testified how she was able to talk normally on the phone. Another miracle was a lady who was scheduled three days later for a check up on a tumor on her breast. She was told that the tumor was nowhere to be found. She was healed. Another lady who could hardly walk and couldn’t bend down, started marching after prayer and she was also able to bend down. A lady with a bowel disease, that caused her belly to swell up, came for prayer. Pastor prayed for her and after the prayer her belly was flat. Also her eyes were changed after this touch of God. She was surprised herself and kept saying: ‘I cannot believe it.’ A young man who was under the influence of drugs and who was possessed by the devil, was touched and got delivered in a meeting. The next day he came back to the meeting and his countenance was totally different and now he was able to communicate normally. Another lady came to the altar for ministry for people with marriage problems. She confessed that she and her husband had not spoken to each other for three years. The husband also came to the altar and the couple stood hand in hand for prayer of the pastor.
What really touched me during this trip was our visit to the prison of Curaçao. Women who were sentenced to prison for a long time were touched and made a decision to stay in the Word of God.

At the men’s ward God showed me again that if man does not repent and make a radical choice for God, he will perish. I also became more aware of the fact that the harvest is ready but the laborers are too few. Laborers who are ready to work for God, no matter what it costs them, and who are not focused on their own affairs.
Once we were inside I felt a deep grief in my heart, tears running down my face and I ‘heard’: “Save those that are doomed to die.” (I was thinking about spiritual death and perish.) Pastor Vernon preached a strong evangelical message and here again, we saw a mass response to the Word and the Lord did a great work. At the end of the meeting I saw pastor Vernon ministering to the prisoners loving and mercifully.

In conclusion I would like to say that I also went to my home church of ten years ago, from before I went to live in Holland. It was my heart’s desire to see my former pastor and my present pastor minister together, and God made it happen. During the whole meeting I was so happy with what God was doing. The Word was powerful again. God’s Spirit was present and miracles happened here as well. My former pastor was interpreting and he encouraged the people to respond to God’s call.

Personally, I experienced that God will continue the work He has started in me, until the end. His work in my life to love my neighbor. He is developing and strengthening His compassion in me. I was encouraged to become a better instrument in God’s hands. Something else I know for sure: people have witnessed that a true prophet has been in Bonaire and Curaçao.

May God bless you richly!

Iris Dossett,
God’s servant

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