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Delivered miraculously in his youth from a dismal lifestyle of drugs and healed of paralyzed legs, Vernon Davis is called of God with a strong apostolic and prophetic anointing. Vernon is very rich in the Word and he believes all Christians need the whole Word of God, preached and taught by the Holy Spirit. An encounter with Vernon will promise you nothing short of a renewed passion for God and a challenge to deepen your walk with Him.

Vernon is married to Ans, a Dutch girl he met in a mission work in Curaçao, Vernon’s home country, which is a small island in the Caribbean. They have lived in the Netherlands since 1988 and they have two beautiful children, Christa and Joshua. He has ministered widely in many countries in the world, where he always cooperates with the local churches. Countless people have been saved, healed and delivered. Vernon has ministered in big crusades with thousands of people, but he also ministers to hands full of people, even in remote places. Wherever the Holy Spirit leads him, he obeys and goes. He loves to teach the Word and God has given him an anointing to teach pastors and leaders. The ministries that have come forth from his ministry are usually strong and lasting.

Vernon and Ans also started the VOICE TO THE NATIONS Conferences, which have proven to be very effective. These are two or three days meetings, focused to reach the lost, as well as equipping the saints by the Word of God through seminars, special leaders seminars and youth meetings. Many people were saved, healed and delivered, and hungry Christians became stronger and others became hungry for God and His Word. Several Churches have recognized the apostolic anointing on Vernon’s life and often churches have worked together with them in their conferences.

Vernon and Ans have been traveling and ministering together in the Netherlands for years, cooperating with the local churches. They also started the VOICE TO THE NATIONS Church. The Church of Jesus Christ must be built on the teachings of the apostles and prophets, so the Word gets the most attention in our meetings. When the Word is planted in the hearts of the saints, sanctifying them, we can have holy assemblies, with holy worship and holy communion with God and with one another, in the holy temple of God. As a result the saints will go out, also making disciples, according to the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Vernon Davis Ministries is supported by God, through prayer and financial gifts of faithful believers.

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