Report Matthew Hall Mission trip Malaysia, April 2018

Report by Matthew Hall

We live in a country where everything is going fast. Many Christians in the Netherlands don’t even have the time anymore to enjoy God’s Presence. Due to the prosperity in Holland, many Christians have fallen asleep, because of all the comfort. They are not standing still at the fact that we are serving a living God. A God Who has shown signs and wonders, and still does.

I was going to Malaysia, not knowing what was awaiting us. But even before we arrived in Malaysia I started to notice that we are not only dealing with the world as we see it, but there is a lot more to it. A ground stewardess was touched by the Presence of the Holy Spirit, without us even saying one word about God or the Word. All we wanted to do, was get our luggage checked in and arrange different seats! Praise God!

Life is not easy for the Christians in Malaysia, but I saw that God brought the Word at the right season. He spoke directly to the people over there. God was healing many people. A man in Klang got healed of Alzheimer. And in Ipoh God healed a man with a crack in his spine. I can go on and tell so many more things that I have experienced, for God revealed Himself every day. But most important is, that we should experience these things on a daily basis.

During the time I was there, I became aware of the fact that God has armed us with His Word and His Spirit. A weapon more powerful than any resistance that the devil and the world have to offer. We got into various situations that I would never experience in Holland, and though I did not experience enough yet, I believe that we as Christians have to learn to walk in the power of the Word. By obedience, discipline, endurance, until God fulfills His Word in us through ministry. I believe this is an experience every Christian should experience at least once. Take a step out of the comfort of Holland, and see the needs of the people.

Matthew Hall

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