Testimony of Edsel Jansen, mission trip Malaysia November 2013

Testimony of Edsel Jansen, mission trip Malaysia November 2013

About a month ago I went on a mission trip to Malaysia with pastor Vernon, and there I asked him if I could tell my story about my experiences there in one of the following “Voice to the Nations” newsletters.

Not intending to just write something for publication, but to testify that the God we serve is an almighty, all-seeing and omnipresent God, who is able to transform, deliver, heal and prosper people who obey Him and follow His Word all over the world.

Being obedient tot God’s Word is essential if we want to be used by Him and if we want our prayers to be answered.

That is why I chose Luke 6:46 as title for this report, which verse pastor Vernon often used during his preaching in Malaysia. With power, conviction and determination, characterizing for him, he continually made clear to those present that it is no use calling God your Lord and yet not doing what His Word says. How can you expect miracles, healing and deliverance from the Lord if you have no fear for Him?

Referring to a folder titled “Miracle Healing Service”, with the intention to invite the people to the meetings, he made it clear to the audience that it is not a matter of just visiting the meetings with an expectation of being spiritually, mentally or physically healed. We must also fear God, in other words know how much God hates sin and its consequences. Here he quoted David, who said: “My flesh trembles for fear of You, And I am afraid of Your judgments” (Psalm 119:120).

Besides obedience and fear of God, I would like to stand still at another subject that came up and had its impact on the people, which is the grace of God.

Often people think that because God is merciful, they can go on living without any order. The apostle Paul says that this can absolutely not be the case in Romans 6:1.

God’s grace can indeed be described as “an undeserved privilege; undeserved favor and spiritual blessing”.

But in his message pastor Vernon shed light on another side of grace that is often overlooked, that is what grace wants to teach us.

He quoted Titus 2:11-12: “For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men, teaching us that, denying ungodliness and worldly lusts, we should live soberly, righteously, and godly in the present age”

At the end of all of his messages people were prayed for and God did miraculous things: healings, deliverances and personal revivals took place.

In this report I will not list them all, but it is important to give you an idea of the miracles God has done over there.

Pastor Vernon prayed for a woman who had been troubled with a “frozen arm”, so to speak, for at least a year. She could not stretch her arm out completely and because of this no longer dared to drive her car. Somebody else had to drive her. After prayer this woman was able to march around the room with outstretched arms.

A 17-year-old girl approached pastor Vernon to tell him how she was touched and blessed by the Word of God. Pastor Vernon spoke into her life, to keep living purely before God, and you could see the this young lady’s face shining. A personal revival took place in her life that night and she wants to keep herself to God completely.

An Indian woman who had a hole in her ear and could not hear, was able to hear with both ears again after being prayed for. She was tested by pastor Vernon in several ways to see if she was indeed healed, among other things he asked her to close her eyes so she could not read his lips and see what pastor Vernon was saying. And this woman could repeat everything that was said to her; she was completely healed.

Another elderly Indian woman, after having heard about everything that can be an idol in your life, immediately took out the ring out of her nose and experienced complete deliverance. She started dancing and speaking in tongues under the influence of the Holy Spirit. Later that night she was also healed of a problem with her neck.

A man who had pain in his legs because of some problem and who could only move very slowly because of this and sometimes even needed help doing so, was able to walk up and down the room after prayer. His sister or his wife, I can’t remember which, testified that she had not seen him walk like that in a long time.

A 24-year-old woman who had had a lump on her breast since she was 17, could not feel the lump anymore after prayer, to great relief of her mother.

In another meeting a woman suddenly started manifesting during the preaching. She was approached immediately and then she said that she was tormented in her sleep by unclean spirits, among which sex spirits. When pastor Vernon started praying with her, the spirit thought that he could scare pastor Vernon by making all kinds of gestures; but praise the Lord, for He that is in us is greater than he that is in the world. The woman was delivered from the unclean spirits that night, and pastor Vernon asked her to come to the meeting again the next day. Wow, the next day this woman was almost unrecognizable; she had a completely different appearance, was well-dressed and happy that she was delivered from the unclean spirits.

Like this there were many deliverances and healings that took place.

Brothers and sisters, the gospel was declared with power, the way it is written. Not in a way to please those present by meeting their desires, or by saying what they wanted to hear.

And what was the response? “Pastor Vernon, when are you coming back, because we need this in Malaysia.”

I thank God that I was able to make this mission trip with pastor Vernon, and my wife and I pray that God will continue using him to His glory and honor wherever He sends him.

Edsel F. Jansen

Vaders Hart Gemeenschap

(Father’s Heart Fellowship)

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