Report Robert Amarsingh, mission trip Trinidad – September 2014

Report Robert Amarsingh, mission trip Trinidad – September 2014

Greetings in Christ Jesus, our soon and coming King.

It was on Sept. 2nd 2014 I arrived at Piarco Int. Air port to meet apostle Vernon Davis and his FIRST LADY Pastor Ans, where for the next three weeks we would be on an intensive mission trip. Meeting Pastor Ans was a dream come true. I have heard so much about this GEM of a lady that I could not wait to meet her and when I finally did it was all that I have been hearing about her.

I have to say that apostle Vernon, Christa, Joshua and the congregation ARE TRULY BLESSED TO HAVE A PERSON LIKE PASTOR ANS. It was so nice to see how she got along with the children. My children fell in love with her .They could not stop talking about pastor Ans. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS HER RICHLY.

The Mission trip was blessed. There were healings, deliverances, people been set free from darkness. I saw a girl got healed with a severe back problem that she had for more than five years. Another girl got healed of a badly damaged wrist.

I saw young men give their lives to CHRIST: IN THE STREET! God worked miraculously in ALL the meetings. Pastor was touched by the HOLY SPIRIT. It was amazing to see that apostle Vernon, while preaching in one of the meetings, the electricity went and the place was totally dark and the sound went, and the apostle preached with the same intensity. Healings took place, a man with a back problem got healed. In another church I saw young girls all over the floor.

The Spirit of the Lord moved throughout the church while the apostle prayed for the people. Apostle Vernon is truly a REAL Man of God, he is truly amazing. I heard a woman telling the apostle that we don’t get this type of preaching, teaching and so in depth in the word and she is RIGHT. We really do not get this. Most churches one and a half hour singing, testimony, a song special and half hour for the word. I have learned so much from apostle Vernon. He is a great teacher and mentor. The team had been to a church where the Living Word was preached and when the altar-call was made a man got healed of throat CANCER. Praise God!

When I see that crime is on the increase, corruption is the order of the day, people wasting their lives with drugs , alcohol, immoral sex, then I know we need the Lord. But when I see incurable disease been healed, criminals giving their lives to God and ministers of the Gospel preaching the word of God the way it must be preached, then I know JESUS IS ALIVE.

The three weeks of the mission trip in Trinidad was a success. The devil got a mash up, man. To apostle Vernon and Pastor Ans I say thank you for coming to our island of Trinidad and sharing GOD’S Word. We eagerly await the next mission trip to our Island.

P.S. ‘Sin keeps us from the Bible, but the Bible keeps us from sin’. To God Be The Glory. ‘Th’ise the apostle’.

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