Report Zairon Obia Mission trip Malaysia, November 2017

Report by Zairon Obia

My name is Zairon Obia. I would like to share with you my experience from the mission trip to Malaysia in 2017. In November 2017 I went to Malaysia with Pastor Vernon Davis for two weeks. I prayed to God for this trip, not only for beautiful moments but also for moments where I could learn.

It was a flight of almost 14 hours and P. Davis and I had a good time during the flight. During most of the trip we talked about the work/Word of God. After arriving in Kuala Lumpur we had to catch the next flight 4 hours later to the city of Penang. There we would have the first meetings. All in all we traveled for almost 24 hours. The next day we got up early again and (pastor and I) did not suffer from jetlag (praise the Lord). During the day, after breakfast and lunch, we would be in our rooms in the Word, or talking about the wonderful works of our Lord Jesus. After a short period of rest in the afternoons, we had the meetings in Penang. The first two days we had two meetings in the night and one pastors’ meeting in the afternoon. God spoke mightily and touched people by words of knowledge and healings. At the pastors’ meeting the pastors were challenged to go deeper into the Word. They responded very humbly and told us that they needed this Word. They were encouraged and admonished by the Word.

During the meetings and the stay in Penang I learned/saw to be even more disciplined in the Word of God, and that I need to develop more joy for the Word/work of God.

After having ministered in Penang for two days, we went to the villages of Kulim and Butterworth. There we had the same routine in the mornings and afternoons. We had two meetings at two different locations. Also there God moved mightily. People were delivered, healed and touched by the Word.

It makes me glad to see how merciful God is to His people. It has been more than an encouragement. People were challenged to stretch out to the unadulterated Word of God. After having ministered in these villages for two days, we left for the village of Ayer Tawar.

Here we had the same routine as well. After breakfast or lunch we went directly into the Word or talked about the work of God. It was so nice to be in the Word so much. No daily worries or distractions around you. At that moment you are there to give to the people. You give them your time, energy, encouragement and above all the love of God. This has had a positive influence on my life/thinking. You see how great the need for the Word is, but also the passion for the Word.

I spent one week in Ayer Tawar with P. Davis. Here also God moved mightily during the meetings. Every day we had at least one meeting. People were delivered, saved, healed and challenged to grow stronger in the Word of God. Teenagers/young people were challenged to become more serious with the Word of God, and encouraged that even as a teenager you can serve God. I also had the opportunity to share the Word with children one afternoon. This was a huge privilege for me. The children were very polite and listened to me attentively. I shared the Word with them for almost an hour and they sat on the ground listening. Not
one of them complained or was playing/disturbing meanwhile. When I was finished, they came to me one by one to shake my hand and thank me. Our western children can learn from this!

We stayed at Pastor James and they were very hospitable. Next door they have a home for children that cannot live at home anymore.

In summary:
In one word the trip to Malaysia was: TOP! To me it was a privilege to be able to join the trip. I am thankful to God for all He has done and all the things I have seen/experienced/learned.

What I have seen:
People in Malaysia are thankful and open to the Word and receive it with much appreciation. They are very hospitable. I also saw that life is a lot harder for the people over there than for us here in the West. The Christians are really being persecuted and limited in spreading the gospel. Still you see they have the desire to grow, and their endurance in being a Christian.

What I have learned:
To be even more thankful for the freedom we have to serve Christ. I have also learned that God blesses when you receive corrections from your leader/pastor. This has made me grow. I have also learned to have even more joy in the Word of God in all circumstances of life. I have also learned that serving God is easy for us in the Netherlands.

I thank God and P. Vernon and Ans Davis for this beautiful opportunity!

In closing, I would like to say to all Christians: Join on a mission trip, at least once. I certainly believe that by doing so, God will increase your vision.

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